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Michael J. Diamond, Ph.D.Dr. Michael J. Diamond has published extensively in the areas of fathering, male development, and father-son relations. In addition to having published two books, he has written journal articles, book chapters, and book reviews in the following areas: psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic technique and psychotherapy; states of consciousness, hypnosis, and hypnotically-informed psychotherapy; group process, group therapy, and outcome; and, social, community and applied psychology. A listing of these publications follows and those that may be downloaded in pdf. format are noted. All other publications are available from the author and can be mailed to you upon request for a nominal charge.

The interested reader of my book may wish to consult my original published research and writings that are germane to fathering and male development (listed chronologically):

"Becoming a father: A psychoanalytic perspective on the forgotten parent," Psychoanalytic Review, 73 (1986): 445-468;

"Creativity needs in becoming a father," Journal Of Men's Studies, 1 (1995): 41-45;

"Someone to watch over me: The father as the original protector of the mother-infant dyad," Psychoanalysis And Psychotherapy, 12 (1995): 89-102;

Becoming a Father: Contemporary Social, Developmental and Clinical Perspectives, New York: Springer (1995)
(The book is out of print but a limited number of original, unused texts are available for $55 ($50 for the book, $5 for Priority Mail Shipping). If interested in purchasing a copy or inquiring about availability, please contact us.)

"Boys to men: The maturing of masculine gender identity through paternal watchful protectiveness," Gender And Psychoanalysis, 2 (1997): 443-468;
My Father Before Me
"Fathers with sons: Psychoanalytic perspectives on 'good enough' fathering throughout the life cycle," Gender And Psychoanalysis, 3 (1998): 243-299;

"Accessing the multitude within: A psychoanalytic perspective on the transformation of masculinity at mid-life." International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 85 (2004): 45-64;

"The shaping of masculinity: Revisioning boys turning away from their mothers to construct male gender identity." International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 85 (2004): 359-380;

"Masculinity unraveled: The roots of male gender identity and the reshaping of male ego ideals throughout life," Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 54 (2006): 1099-1130; and,

"Masculinity and Its Discontents: Making Room For the 'Mother' Inside the Male — An Essential Achievement for Healthy Male Gender Identity." Chapter in Heterosexual Masculinities, B. Reis & R. Grossmark (Eds.). New York: The Analytic Press, in press (2008).