Michael J. Diamond is a practicing clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst and the author of the book My Father Before Me: How Fathers & Sons Influence Each Other Throughout Their Lives. Dr. Diamond received his doctorate in psychology from Stanford University and completed his psychoanalytic training at the Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies, where he is currently a training and supervising analyst. Dr. Diamond is an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA and is on the faculty at the Wright Institute Los Angeles. As an expert on parenting and fathering, Dr. Diamond has written numerous articles and publications on fathering and father-son relationships. He lives in Los Angeles.

"I wrote this book hoping to educate men to father their sons well so that both can continue to develop and grow within the context of a loving relationship. In fact, the educating of fathers has long been a focus of concern. We see this in the Book of Genesis, which, in a certain light, can be thought of as a work dedicated to ushering men into the work of fatherhood so that they may transmit a worthy way of life to their sons and descendants. Think of Abraham and his son Isaac, Isaac and his sons Jacob and Esau, and Jacob with his twelve sons – all wrestling with and learning from each other, living in one another's shadows. From my perspective, however, this education should not focus primarily on teaching techniques or strategies, but instead must offer a process or an approach that subsumes an appreciation of a child’s otherness, a capacity to thoughtfully reflect on oneself, the courage to act or choose not to when necessary, and the willingness to remain involved and engaged throughout the vicissitudes of an ever-changing, lifelong process." Excerpt from My Father Before Me
Michael J. Diamond, Ph.D.